Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review: fine Cooking Vol. 2 & 3

I have recently been getting lot of praises for my cooking. I am a very good cook however if you get a book with some amazing recipes you can never go wrong and that is exactly what is been happening recently. Somedays ago I had received fine Cooking Vol 2 and Vol 3 and I must sayVol 3 is been my favorite so far. The reason being each and every recipe is different and have never failed, lot of recipes require spices or ingredients which are easily available and all taste as described atleast I think so. The book guides you step by step from measurements to how to cut and make these recipes. Vol 2 is not bad either however I thought they all clled in for same ingrediets and were very simple. Vol 2 may be good for someone who wants to try cooking however Vol 3 will definitely impress people who love to cook like me.

Pros: Vol 3 has many great and diff recipes
Cons: Vol 2 most recipes taste the same
Overall: Vol 3 is a Great Book, Vol 2 is nice book.

ISBN Vol 3 9781600850431
ISBN VOL 2 9781600850059
Book can be purchased at Amazon and Taunton Store.
Image copyright: Taunton Press, Thank you for review copy.

Happy Cooking!!!



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