Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am back

Hey Everyone,

I am back and missed my blog so much. I have now time to spend more time on my blogs, tutorial and giveaways as my classes have reduced to half then what it used to be last month..so soon we will be having fun again.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Popcorners Review and Giveaway Winner!!

The Popcorners Review and Giveaway Winner is SeattleMom. I have emailed you pls reply back. If the winner fails to reply in 48 hrs, new winner will be choosen.

Thank you all for your participaition.

Seattlemom said...

I like popcorners on facebook under Jl Johnson
luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Popcorners Review and Giveaway

I don't think anyone who knows me need to even know how much I love Popcorn's...they are my weakness and I can much them all the time especially when I am watching TV or movie. The only thing I don't like is the oily, greasy part. Recently, I had an opportunity to review Popcorn's which is a perfect combination of popcorn's in a chip. They sent me a sample pack of the 5 flavors they offer.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Baking for Dogs Book Review

Friday, April 15, 2011

Review: Soda Stream

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review:Meena Pathak Celebrates Indian Cooking

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Giveaway and Review : EatSmart™ Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

Are you someone who wants to start dieting but not sure if you are eating the right proportion? Did you ever wanted a machine which could measure and tell you how much portion to eat to help you in your dieting and controlling carbs? Are you the one who believe in eating in healthy proportion to have a great health?. If you answered " yes" to even one of the questions then you have got the answer to your questions.
Recently, I was sent EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale and this scale is a wonder. I bake and cook a lot and in baking/cooking it is very important to weigh the ingredients to get good result and this scale works like a magic.It excludes the weight of the bowl by tare feature which is a great plus. I also love the fact that you can measure it in four different unit modes with just a push of a button i.e. grams, ounces, pounds, and kilograms as I cook from different cookbooks which mentions weighing the ingredients in grams or ounces. I also like that even though it is sleek and light and it can still hold upto 11 pounds. It does not require a lot of space either. It shuts off automatically in 3 minutes so the battery life will also be longer.
I have loved working with this scale for it accuracy and features and I am sure you will too!!!!

Can be purchased at Amazon Here.
Item No.ESKS012019

Giveaway Time: "Eatsmart Products" has agreed to Giveaway 1 EatSmart™ Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale Reg. Value $34.95 to one of our reader's. Check below for giveaway details.

3/18/2011 18:25:44 I like the ProFit body fat scale because it is important for healthy living to keep your BMI in check   Liz
The winner is been notified and if the winner fails to resposned in 48 hrs new winner will be choosen

Review: The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches
The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches by Susan Russo have in an arond 110 mouth watering sandwich recipes in the book. I have tried myself "The curried chicken and panini and must say they are simply amazing. The author does a great job in explaining the required ingredients and how to make them. the recipes are also accompanied by some amazing pictures of sandwiches which you would like to try. This small book is a really a time -saver and now I don't have to be bothered thinking what am I going to fix for lunch, dinner and especially weekends.

Review: fine Cooking Vol. 2 & 3

Thursday, March 10, 2011

easy chinese stir-fries from helen chen.

Ok, I confess I love chinese very much and this book was an awesome addition to my cooking library.
The recipes in this book are awesome, simple and very few ingredients are required and easily available in any grocery store.She explains in this book the techniques and hints required for cooking these stir-fries. There ia also section to guide you which equipments and ingredients are great to use.
There are recipes like braised pary wings, ground chicken and pine nuts in lettuce wraps, kung pao chicken, coral and jade and many more mouth-watering recipes with pictures. I tried Kung Pao chicken and it was a great hit. I reccomend this book for all chinese eater's or food lover's.
This cook book is a great addition in your library. The author has written this book very well  and will be easy for someone to cook who has never ever cooked.....Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
About the Author:Helen Chen is the founder of Helen's Asian Kitchen (helensasiankitchen.com), a widely distributed Asian cookware line, and the author of Helen Chen's Chinese Home Cooking and Peking Cuisine. Her mother, Joyce Chen, was a pioneering Chinese restaurateur and entrepreneur, and Helen served as the CEO of her mother's company before launching her own business.

Pros: Great book, with easy to find ingredients, well written and great pictures
Overall:Amazing Book

Books can be purchased at Amazon or Wiley
Author Bio and Picture copyright Wiley, Thanks for review copy.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anjum's New Indian By Anjum Anand

Last week along with my craft projects I have been busy cooking food, yes you read that right. I received "Anjum's New Indian" By Anjum Anand and made 4 dishes last week. The Green Chicken Biryani, Kashmiri Chicken, Black Maharashtrian Style Chicken and Red Goan Chicken. I am thoroughly pleased with the result. The look and taste of the dishes were amazing. The author has described each recipe along with the ingredients accompanied with beautiful pictures. The reciped are described very clearly and well written.
I definately recommend this book as it is one of the best Indian cook book. The book is very well divided in sections starting with basic recipes and then followed with light snacks, Sea food, Meat, Vegeterian dishes to Rice and much more. This book will be one of your favorites in your library.

Pros:Great and very well written recipe with pictures
Cons: None
Overall:Great Book

ISBN: 978-0-470-92812-7
Books can be purchased at Amazon and Wiley

Picture copyright Wiley.  Thanks to Wiley for review copy.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Madhur Jaffrey's Quick & Easy Indian Cooking

" Quick & Easy Indian Cooking " by author Madhur Jaffrey has more than 50 delicous recipes from Soup to Sweets which most of it can be prepared in approximately 30 mins. The cookbook gives you recipes with only few ingedients and with substitutions such as some recipes says beef however substitution with lamb or chicken is allowed. The book is going to be favorite with the novice to expert cook because of the easy to follow recipes with basic ingredients. The book talks about the ingredients, utensils and other basic requirement for cookingalong with recipes without feeling intimidated to cooking these Indian recipes.
This book will serve as a great start to Indian cooking book for beginner's.

About the author: Madhur Jaffrey is a cookbook author, TV chef, illustrator, and award-winning actress originally from Delhi, India. She's won the Burt Greene Award for Food Journalism and lives in New York City.

Pros: Easy understanding recipe with few ingredients and substitution.
Cons: This recipes are Indian but not the authentic ones, well that is why you can make them so quick as title says, however not all of them though.
Overall: Nice Book
Book can be purchased at Amazon and Chroniclebooks.com
ISBN 0811859010

ISBN13 9780811859011

Thank you Chronicle Books for review copy. Picture and Author's Bio copyright Chronicle Books

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simply Smoothies: 200 Refreshing Drinks for Life, Health, and Fun by Delia Quigley

Simply Smoothies: 200 Refreshing Drinks for Life, Health, and Fun by Delia Quigley features 200 mouth watering recipes. The book starts with Introduction and then follow's with 9 chapter's . The 1st chapter talks about "In the Pantry" where she talks about fruits to be used and their benefits to out health. Then you see " Smoothies for health" which have smoothies which help you increase your energy gradually and help decrease your waistline with smoothies like Carrot-Orange, Vegetable Protein smoothie, Avacado Veggie Tango and much more. Chapter 3 is " Smoothies for Fun" where you will find smoothies mildly decadent to over-the-top decadent smoothies such as Pomegranate Slush, Classis Milk shake, PJ-OJ, Carob Chip Smoothie ans so on. The 4th Chapter is about "Exotic Fruit Smoothies" which sure will make you think you are on exotic trip while sipping them in the comfort of ypur home with Moroccon Surprise, Tropical Vacation, Sunshine Smoothie ans such many more. In Chapter 5 " Healing Smoothies" this smoothies are also famous in many other contries such as India , china and Japan as these smoothies help you treat your illness as well as is healthy drink too like Cranberry Vitamin C Smoothie, Ginger Lemon Cough Remedy, Body-Mind Smoother and more. Chapter 6 "Low-Carb Smoothies" which would help you fight obesity while keeping check on your weight wilt low carb smoothies such as Low- Carb Chocolate or Fruit Smoothie, Creamy Coffee Delight to name some. Chapter 7 is my favorite as I love Chai and Coffee and this includes recipes related to "Chai smoothies, Coffee and Tea". Chapter 8 "Party Smoothies" no matter who , when and where smoothies in the menu always is perfect addition in parties with smoothies like Frozen Blizzard, Frozen Srrawquiri, Almond Scot, Bloody Mary to name few. The last chapter "The Simply Smoothing Eating Plan" it explains and shows you how to change your food choices and get optimal nutrition without counting calories or fat grams.

About the author:Delia Quigley has more than twenty years of experience in the fields of natural food preparation, nutrition, and Hatha Yoga. She is a Kushi-certified macrobiotic chef, an alternative nutritional consultant, and the author of two vegetarian cookbooks

Pros: Some amazing and healthy smoothie recipes
Cons: No pictures except the front cover
Overall: Good Book

Book can be purcahsed at Amazon and Adamsmediastore.com
Bio and Picture: Copyright Adams Media
Special Thanks to AdamsMedia for the review copy.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Crab Fry (Kurle Fry)

My mother whenever we get crab's would prepare these and they would taste so delicious. The other day when we went for grocery shopping we saw huge king crabs and at that very moment my mom's crab fry came to my mind. Usually in India my mother uses small crab's to fry. I didn't get small ones so I have cut my  big king crab's main part into 4 halves and still each of them were big portion.


King Crab- 2 (cleaned and cut into 2 or 4 pieces)
Tamarind Past- 1/2 tspn
Garlic- 3-4 crushed
Turmeric: 1/2 tspn
Chilli Powder- 1 or 11/2 tspn ( depends how spicy you want)
Coriander-cummin powder- 1 tspn
Salt- As per taste
Corn flour or Rice flour 1-2 tbspn or as needed for light coating.
Oil- 1 tbspn for mixing  and as needed for shallow frying or deep frying

Mix the above inrgedients in 1 tbspn oil to apply it to crab pieces.

You can either deep-fry or shallow fry. If you do shallow fry make sure to fry it a little longer and on all sides till you see it slightly brown on all sides.

Enjoy this delicious crab fry with curry and rice.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The "I Dont Know How to Cook" Book Mexican

Recently, I was sent couple of books out of which 1 was The : I Dont Know How to Cook" Book Mexican by Linda Rodriguez. I love Mexican food and am always on a lookout for mexican recipes which are quick and easy to fix.
This book has 300 recipes. In the book there are 12 main categories in which each category has recipes for that. The book starts with Introduction which explains everything you need to know to make mexican food. Each recipe in the book is grouped and classified by symbols like E (Easy), M (Medium), H (Hard).
The books has easy and mouth-watering recipe with step by step instruction's for Appetizer's & Salsa's, Soups & Stew's, Salad's, Beef & Pork, Poultry & Eggs, Fish & Sea-food, Vegetables, Rice and Bean Dishes, Fruit, Desserts & Traditional Favorites.

Whether you want to cook for your family or for friend's, This book will definately have something that will be helpful to fix easily.

About the Author: Linda Rodriguez has been cooking Mexican-American meals for family and friends for most of her life. She has fond memories of the feasts of mole and tamales that accompanied every wedding and quinceanera. she still remembers the early days of her marriage when she made six dozen enchiladas, carnitas with chile, and a big pot of pozole for her husband's college graduation party---with only a hot plate and a toaster oven! She resides in Kansas City, MO.

Pro's: Easy and quick recipes
Con's: No pictures of recipes

Overall: Good  Book

Publisher: Adams Media

Book can be purchased at : Adamsmediastore.com, Amazon
Copyright of Adams Media: Book cover picture and Author's bio.
Thanks to Adams Media for review copy.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Book Review: Everything Indian Cookbook

"The Everything Indian Cookbook: 300 Tantalizing Recipes is written by Monica Bhide.The book has 15 categories and each includes minimum 10 to maximun 24 recipes in it.

The author has started this book very well explaining the "Basics of Cooking" . She talks about techniques and ingredients required for or used in making these delicious Indian recipes. She explains the terms in both hindi(local indian language) and english so it is easy for all reader's to understand. She talks about basic recipes (masala's) that are used or needed while cooking most of  these dishes. The book has next section  about Starter's or Snacks which includes recipes like Spiced Crunchy Okra to Curried Mixed Nuts. The Drinks/ Soups and Teas includes recipes like Rose-Flavored Yougurt Drink, Ginger Tea, Coconut and Tomato Soup and many more. The next category's in the  book is  followed with recipes for various kinds of Salads, Vegetarian Dishes and  Non-Vegeterian i.e Meat, Poultry and Sea-food recipes. She also has some great recipes on Rice Dishes along with Lentil and Yogurt Dishes. There are also recipes for various kinds of Breads(Roti) and Chutney's(Pickles). At the end of the book she has some great recipes for Indian Sweet Dishes and Royal food.
I really loved this book and tried Nawabi Mutton which turned out great and was easy and quick to make. The book has some great mouth-watering recipes of India. The book also has Glossary section with Hindi-English names for ingredients used or required to make these dishes. The author also has added a section of additional resources of stores where you can shop for these groceries across USA which i thought was great.
I also loved the fact that the author had thanked each and every person who had contributed while writing this book, which i hardly see nowadays.

About the Author's:Monica Bhide (Dunn Loring, VA) is a native of India who has been cooking Indian cuisine for more than twenty years. A graduate of several formal Indian cooking courses, Ms. Bhide is an accomplished caterer and home chef.

Pro's:  A great book with great recipes. Very well explained instructions throught out the book
Con's:  There are no pictures in the book except for the front cover.
Overall:  Great Book

Books can be purchased at Amazon, AdamsMediastore.com
ISBN: 9781593370428
Picture and Author's Bio is Copyright of Adams Media.
Special Thanks to Adams Media for sending this book for review.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

There is something cooking up for 2011...

Dear Food Lover's,

Trust everyone had a great New Year Party and had some good food....this year i will be not only be active again posting new recipes but also will be reviewing some cook books for some publishing companies and maybe may have a giveaway too...still working on that.

So are we ready to cook some delicious food and get some review on some great cook books that you would love to know about before you buy.

This week stay tuned as i post Chicken and Dumpling soup(southern style), Sukha(Dry) Mutton with variations.



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