Friday, April 15, 2011

Review: Soda Stream

Recently, I received Soda Stream Jet for review which I was happy as we need and drink alot of soda when we have guests, weekends and specially the class students. Initally when we would buy soda I would hate the thought of those plastic bottles that we would throw in waste and I am so much not in plastic so the opportunity to review soda maker was like dream come true.My review after the 1st time I used:
The best part I love about this Soda Maker is it helps environment- how by reducing the plastic bottle you would otherwise use when you buy soda.
The Soda Maker is very much easy to operate for any one. Just fill the bottle with tap water, chill it and get the fizziness as much as you desire after that remove and add syrup, shake and let it sit for 30 mins and your Soda is ready...isn't that just amazing.
Many flavors are available and they all taste great. I have tried cola, root-beer, peach-mango, grape-fruit and even sparkling water flavor- orange.
My Carbonator is not empty yet but where I live I saw 2 locations nearby where I can get it refilled.
Overall, We are really very happy with this product. We make fresh soda everyday when we want to drink and the flavor we want to drink. No mor going to super-market and carrying those heavy 2 litre bottles and "NO" more plastic bottles.

Picture Copyright Soda-Stream. Thank you for sending us Soda-Stream for review.
Happy Cooking!!!


NinaLaZina said...

I remember when I was little and my mum purchased us one of these. My brother and I just used it , it got so dirty and so think it got thrown away. Or was it that my mother said the syrup was too expensive? So we would use normal syrup but sometimes run out of the gas and syrup!! Not good. Memories!!


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