Friday, June 17, 2011

Baking for Dogs Book Review

I totally believe in eating healthy for my family and so I switched to organic food, no more junk or readyily available meals rather home cooked meals and when I mean family my pet is also included.

I want my pet to eat just as healthy meals and treats as my family does and so I started cooking and bakingfor him until I came across the book "Baking for Dogs" written by  Dog Deli. This book is such a wonderful collection od baked recipes for my pet. I have baked Indians, Cheese sticks, Liver Dumplings and my pet has loved all the 3 and soon I plan to try some more.

The recipe in this book are simple and straightforward with minimal things needed. There are notes for variation along with some great obedience and other tips with every recipe.

I love the Glossay part which gives you explanation about  your pets likes- dislikes, behavior and what is and not good for your pet. All in all I am very happy with all the 3 recipes I baked as my pet loves it and also I get to make different recipe everytime rather then same old store bought treat and dry-food.

This book is a must have book for all dog-lover...BOW-WOW
Book can be purchased at and Amazon
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