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Simply Smoothies: 200 Refreshing Drinks for Life, Health, and Fun by Delia Quigley

Simply Smoothies: 200 Refreshing Drinks for Life, Health, and Fun by Delia Quigley features 200 mouth watering recipes. The book starts with Introduction and then follow's with 9 chapter's . The 1st chapter talks about "In the Pantry" where she talks about fruits to be used and their benefits to out health. Then you see " Smoothies for health" which have smoothies which help you increase your energy gradually and help decrease your waistline with smoothies like Carrot-Orange, Vegetable Protein smoothie, Avacado Veggie Tango and much more. Chapter 3 is " Smoothies for Fun" where you will find smoothies mildly decadent to over-the-top decadent smoothies such as Pomegranate Slush, Classis Milk shake, PJ-OJ, Carob Chip Smoothie ans so on. The 4th Chapter is about "Exotic Fruit Smoothies" which sure will make you think you are on exotic trip while sipping them in the comfort of ypur home with Moroccon Surprise, Tropical Vacation, Sunshine Smoothie ans such many more. In Chapter 5 " Healing Smoothies" this smoothies are also famous in many other contries such as India , china and Japan as these smoothies help you treat your illness as well as is healthy drink too like Cranberry Vitamin C Smoothie, Ginger Lemon Cough Remedy, Body-Mind Smoother and more. Chapter 6 "Low-Carb Smoothies" which would help you fight obesity while keeping check on your weight wilt low carb smoothies such as Low- Carb Chocolate or Fruit Smoothie, Creamy Coffee Delight to name some. Chapter 7 is my favorite as I love Chai and Coffee and this includes recipes related to "Chai smoothies, Coffee and Tea". Chapter 8 "Party Smoothies" no matter who , when and where smoothies in the menu always is perfect addition in parties with smoothies like Frozen Blizzard, Frozen Srrawquiri, Almond Scot, Bloody Mary to name few. The last chapter "The Simply Smoothing Eating Plan" it explains and shows you how to change your food choices and get optimal nutrition without counting calories or fat grams.

About the author:Delia Quigley has more than twenty years of experience in the fields of natural food preparation, nutrition, and Hatha Yoga. She is a Kushi-certified macrobiotic chef, an alternative nutritional consultant, and the author of two vegetarian cookbooks

Pros: Some amazing and healthy smoothie recipes
Cons: No pictures except the front cover
Overall: Good Book

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