Saturday, January 15, 2011

Book Review: Everything Indian Cookbook

"The Everything Indian Cookbook: 300 Tantalizing Recipes is written by Monica Bhide.The book has 15 categories and each includes minimum 10 to maximun 24 recipes in it.

The author has started this book very well explaining the "Basics of Cooking" . She talks about techniques and ingredients required for or used in making these delicious Indian recipes. She explains the terms in both hindi(local indian language) and english so it is easy for all reader's to understand. She talks about basic recipes (masala's) that are used or needed while cooking most of  these dishes. The book has next section  about Starter's or Snacks which includes recipes like Spiced Crunchy Okra to Curried Mixed Nuts. The Drinks/ Soups and Teas includes recipes like Rose-Flavored Yougurt Drink, Ginger Tea, Coconut and Tomato Soup and many more. The next category's in the  book is  followed with recipes for various kinds of Salads, Vegetarian Dishes and  Non-Vegeterian i.e Meat, Poultry and Sea-food recipes. She also has some great recipes on Rice Dishes along with Lentil and Yogurt Dishes. There are also recipes for various kinds of Breads(Roti) and Chutney's(Pickles). At the end of the book she has some great recipes for Indian Sweet Dishes and Royal food.
I really loved this book and tried Nawabi Mutton which turned out great and was easy and quick to make. The book has some great mouth-watering recipes of India. The book also has Glossary section with Hindi-English names for ingredients used or required to make these dishes. The author also has added a section of additional resources of stores where you can shop for these groceries across USA which i thought was great.
I also loved the fact that the author had thanked each and every person who had contributed while writing this book, which i hardly see nowadays.

About the Author's:Monica Bhide (Dunn Loring, VA) is a native of India who has been cooking Indian cuisine for more than twenty years. A graduate of several formal Indian cooking courses, Ms. Bhide is an accomplished caterer and home chef.

Pro's:  A great book with great recipes. Very well explained instructions throught out the book
Con's:  There are no pictures in the book except for the front cover.
Overall:  Great Book

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