Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Panna- Refreshing summer drink

Panna a beverage of (Kacche Aam ) raw mango prepared in North especially in summer .


1 raw mango
1/2 tspn Kala namak or Black salt
1/2 tspn Black Pepper powder
7-8 Mint Leaves
Sugar to taste
Water 3 cups

Preparation Method:

In a pan place mango and water and cover it to boil for 15 mins or until you can eaily cut the mango through knife.

Remove the Mango from water and let it cool off . Peel the mango and scrap out the pulp in a bowl.

Add all the ingredients to the mango pulp except mint and grind it.

Add the mint leaves to the mango juice and grind it again.

Transfer the Juice in a jar and chill it in refrigerator.

Serve chilled drink.



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I am not a certified nutritionist.All recipes are tried by me at home.

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